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All-in-one Tooltip Complement/Replacement With Customizable Styles

updated-31.07.2006: -Multipopup 3.0 released

updated-04.03.2006: -Added development information


Multipopup is a User Javascript that lets you customize the way you view title or any other attribute you wish in a stylish way for every site you visit, while letting you decide the delay for the popup. By default, it also lets you view the alt, href, and src of elements, if you press CTRL while hovering the object. It has a no-delay mode which allows you to instantly view title contents once a popup is activated. Multipopup puts you in total control of your tooltips, while giving you the ability to customize to every detail, tho without having you worry about its default settings. It can make both the geek and the casual surfer happy.

Up until version 2.62, I was developing it alone with requests from users (thanks to all the guys at, but lately I had no time to improve Multipopup, so the development has been picked up by two brave men, Rafał 'D.I.Z.' Chłodnicki and Sarfraz 'Stoen' Moujoodh at I can't thank them enough for their work for Multipopup. Stoen almost recoded Multipopup entirely with DIZ providing imagery and additional programming, and he also gave us the Multipopup configurator widget. I touched the code here and there admiring their work! After all the hard work, we are proud to announce the availability of Multipopup 3.0 User Javascript for Opera.

Live Test

Version displayed is v2.00 which lacks some most of the feature of 3.00. I stopped developing for Firefox as I didn't receive enough feedback and lately I learned it no longer worked on the latest GreaseMonkey. A Firefox version may be planned for later. Hover along the colored boxes and images to see MultiPopup UserJS in action. Try pressing ctrl key while hovering the links and images. Try pressing 'alt' for instant popups, and 'shift' to disable the popups. Warp animation is turned on by default but you can try turning it off the toggle link beneath the nested boxes.

Some examples of customization:
Toggle warp animation ... Switch tooltip side ... Toggle slow warp ... Toggle tooltip CSS

Try toggling variables..

Browser support

Demonstrated version works almost equally well on Opera and Firefox, at least as an on-page script. The script is not compatible with the latest Greasemonkey (latest Firefox only works with latest Greasemonkey, you get the picture). Other browsers may not display styles correctly. (Esp. that one from the multi-billion dollar company fails miserably.) The script is not intended to be used by websites, but by users as a user javascript.

For other browsers, see an old version running at the entry page of That one is more suited to web sites, as it works equally good on all major browsers, and is much more compact.


Version 3.x requires you to also update your preferences file from version 2.x, due to the massive changes in the way we do things with the new version.

Download Multipopup 3.0 (Opera)
Download Multipopup 2.62 (Opera)
Download Multipopup 2.09 (Opera and Firefox<1.5)
Download The Old Script (v1.9 beta10) for Opera




Features (new in 3.0 bold)

To Do

Known issues


Thanks to Andrew Gregory for allowing me to distribute his image alt to title script as a multipopup module, although this module is removed in the Multipopup >2.62 .

Please see the discussion about Multipopup UserJS. for tips and you can read about the development too.

Please share your tooltip designs, you can send it to me, and I'll host them on this page.

Webmasters: Disabling the primary auto popups

This will only be used by people who are Multipopup aware, but I felt the need to provide this piece of code for Webmasters who may want to disable the auto viewing of the primary popup. The user would still be able to view the primary and secondary popup views with key combinations. This is a user-friendly approach.

if (typeof(mpUSRJS) == "undefined") mpUSRJS = new Array(); 
mpUSRJS.suppress = true;

Webmasters: Disabling the script

This is an info obviously would only get picked up by web authors who like using Multipopup, but for some reason, they may want to disable multipopup completely for their site, so they should add the following to their page as javascript:

if (typeof(mpUSRJS) == "undefined") mpUSRJS = new Array(); 
mpUSRJS.doNotRun = true;

Beta Version

Currently there are no beta versions active


3.0 (Opera only)
Plugin functionality; Early Initializing; DOM only methods (No more innerHTML); Better screen edge detection; More robust styles that are less likely to break; New mode: static; Compatibility with more types of documents; More readable preferences, and much more we forgot to list during the development.
2.62 (Opera only)
Fixed the problem which caused Multipopup not to work in search MSN, and potentially some other sites which define their own addEventListeners in window scope. Thanks to gwaion@my.Opera for reporting.
Now, the maximum width of the popup can be set right in preferences without touching any CSS. Feature hinted by gwaion
Fixed a utmost wrong explanation in the Multipopup external prefs file, thanks to YtseJam@my.Opera for reporting.
2.60 (Opera only)
Added a new mode to tackle I-frame and Opera zoom problems that caused the popup to be obscured: Introducing: Keep Mode. Thanks to Tamil@my.Opera forums to report the popup obscuring problems when zoomed.
History deleted as previous versions became obsolete.

Download and Related Links

Download Multipopup 3.0 (Opera)
Download Multipopup 2.62 (Opera)
Download Multipopup 2.09 (Opera and Firefox<1.5)
Download The Old Script (v1.9 beta10) for Opera
Discussion about Multipopup UserJS.
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