How to Fix Texture Seams When Several Layers Are Involved

With a script to apply offset to several layers at once with ease.

Updated: 02.06.2016 - Tested with Photoshop CS3, the script works.

Updated: 08.03.2012 - Tested with Photoshop CS5.1 trial version, and it seems to work.

Updated: 25.05.2005 - New Version (1.1) Now with Photoshop 7 support.

created on 03.05.2005


Hi all. This time I'm going to provide you with a nice little script that will bring happiness to your household. I hope this may prove useful to at least some of you. I know you're somewhere out there.

It is quite bit of a nuisance that the wonderful guys at Adobe do not let us swing around our canvas ever so freely. I think it would not be that hard for them to code a continuous canvas on edges so strokes at one edge affect the opposite side, and you could be panning around an infinite tile of your canvas (of course all of them being optional). Some texture maker programs has this superb functionality, with one little disadvantage: They are not Photoshop.

We can use Offset filter in Photoshop to offset out layers and fix the seams. But this is tedious when several layers are involved. It can't be properly saved as a Photoshop Action either, as there are variables that change with each document. With this script, you'll find it much easier to make your textures seamless.

Now this is where scripting comes in. PS7, CS and CS2 comes with scripting functionality. CS2 seems to have improved on it. It is still somewhat lacking important features for my own good tho. The reference they provide is really good, the possibilities are endless. I thought I could improve my scripting skills while providing a nice new function to Photoshop users, so I came up with the Offset All Visible Layers Script.

You can download the Offset All Visible Layers PS7/CS/CS2 script v1.1 here.

Extract the contents somewhere on your harddisk


For Photoshop CS2 and onward (Tested with CS2, CS3 and CS5.1), you can just double click the file and it will work from anywhere if Photoshop is open.

You can run the respective versions of the scripts for PS7, CS or CS2 from Photoshop -> File -> Scripts -> Browse. There are three versions, one for PS7, one for CS and the last for CS2. Please do not use CS2 version with Photoshop CS, as this would crash the script (But not anything else hopefully).

You can also copy the appropriate version for your Photoshop to your Photoshop folder on your harddisk -> Presets -> Scripts

These scripts should work also on Macintosh computers.

I am so tired I won't write anymore! Here is what it does (The user interface seen here is for CS and CS2 versions, for PS7, see the notes at the bottom of the page):

What it does

Three Layered Box Texture
Using Offset All Visible Layers Script with default settings
Seam Areas that need to fixed
After fixing and running the script again

This comes in real handy when you are doing seamless texture work and you can fix your multi layered texture's seams without going out of Photoshop. This could be done by hand per layer but it is tedious and this script computes half of the canvas by default so you needn't worry about calculating.

Another good use for this is fixing the seam for a cylindirical UV map. Here's a rough example:

Working with a cylindical UV map

Important Notes

General Condsiderations

Differences in PS7 version:

Final Words

Thanks to GregMallick and Aurora @ Spinquad Forums and my really nice friend Mun for testing my script for PS7.0.

Feel free to email me comments and critiques and even some fresh ideas :) Bug reports and feature suggestions are welcome.

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